Who we are

TigerLily Jewellery is an online jewellery boutique and we source our jewellery from a handful of trusted suppliers based in the UK. We strive to offer gorgeous pieces of jewellery, including bridal jewellery and everyday pieces. We focus on stylish and elegant designs, statement and unique jewellery and pieces with a playful touch.

If we were to select a handful of words to describe TigerLily Jewellery, we would use stylish, elegant, quirky and fun. Two strong themes which run throughout the jewellery box are ‘natural’ and ‘nature’. This extends to the designs, the materials and the fact that some of the jewellery is handmade (indicated on the product pages). All our jewellery is created from sterling silver, which is particularly important for earrings as we understand that ears can be sensitive. 

TigerLily Jewellery Ltd evolved in 2013 when our previous company (TigerLily Trading Ltd) became completely jewellery focused with an emphasis on bridal jewellery.

TigerLily Jewellery Ltd 
Registered in England: 0624722
VAT number: 404 6179 10

If you have any questions about the jewellery we’d love to hear from you, please email janna@tigerlily-jewellery.co.uk or call 07887 851 660.