Wedding jewellery

Beautiful bridal jewellery to be worn with love.

We source all our bridal jewellery from a handful of trusted designers and suppliers. From elegant pearl to stylish cubic zirconia designs, our collections include jewellery for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Perfect for all seasons and vibes, our jewellery can add to the drama of a winter wedding, the glamour of a vintage wedding or the rustic chic of a garden wedding. We are also happy to advise on which pieces would complement your overall look for the big day.






Wedding Jewellery

Part of TigerLily Jewellery’s mission is to seek out beautiful wedding jewellery for every member of the bridal party, from the bride to the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. Most of our wedding jewellery is pearl wedding jewellery, created from freshwater pearls, sterling silver and cubic zirconias, which look like the real thing but at a fraction of the price. Pieces include pearl earrings, pearl necklaces and pearl wedding jewellery sets.

We offer a number of different styles to choose from but our overriding wedding jewellery style may be described as elegant, classic and timeless, for example our ever popular drop pearl earrings and drop pearl pendant necklace. Created from freshwater pearls and cubic zirconias, our classic wedding jewellery will complement many gown types, ensuring you get plenty of wear from it after the big day. Our wedding jewellery also includes pieces which work with romantic, vintage, glamourous and boho wedding themes, plus crossover pieces such as our stunning tennis bracelet for a classic yet glamourous look. Within these different styles, we offer a mix of simple yet elegant pieces and statement designs. For 2022, we are excited to be adding a number of new pieces to our existing wedding jewellery box.

Our birthstone pendant necklaces and earrings make wonderful bridesmaid gifts due to the variety of different semi-precious gemstones on offer. These, in turn, work well with a variety of dress colours and styles. Think forest green (peridot), burgundy red (garnet), golden yellow (citrine) and ice blue (blue topaz) as a starting point.

Wedding and engagement rings – a little bit of history

The tradition of exchanging rings dates back 3,000 years and it was the Egyptian pharaohs who first used circles or rings to represent eternity. The Greeks then adopted the tradition of giving rings to their lovers to represent devotion, many of these rings depicted Eros or Cupid, the god of love. The tradition of the ‘ring finger’ lies with either the Egyptians or early Romans; they are said to have believed that the fourth finger had a vein or nerve that connected straight to the heart! It is then believed that it was the Romans who linked the ring to marriage and wedding jewellery.

From Medieval times, wedding rings were set with precious gems. Medieval Europeans used rubies to symbolise passion, sapphires to symbolise the heavens and diamonds to symbolise resolute strength.

It is said that the first recorded diamond engagement ring dates back to the late 1300s or early 1400s when it was left by an English widow in her will. Diamond engagement rings became increasing popular and ornate during Victorian times due to Queen Victoria’s famed love for diamond jewellery.

Arguably it is De Beers that created the fascination around diamond engagement rings in modern culture. During the hardship years of the 1930s, De Beers launched an ambitious marketing campaign. By giving Hollywood actresses diamonds to wear in their movies, De Beers made diamonds glamourous symbols of romance and with Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali illustrating their ad posters, diamonds became revered as works of art. In 1947, De Beers introduced the advertising slogan ‘a diamond is forever.’ The percentage of US brides who received diamond engagement rings as part of their wedding jewellery jumped massively from 10% in 1939 to 80% in 1990.

Through the ages, engagement and wedding rings have always symbolised love and commitment.